Meet Our Family!

I am a work at home mom to two beautiful girls, Ballerina and Lady Petunia. Ballerina is currently three years old, very high spirited, and a ball of fun. Lady Petunia just turned one. She loves to giggle and follow her sister around.

I have been married to my husband Mr.Daddy for almost five years. I am so in love with this man and the fact that he calms my craziness. (like when I throw away all of our shampoo and replace it with baking soda and vinegar). During the day he works as a press brake operator (10 brownie points if you know what that is). In the evening we both volunteer in our church’s youth department. We get to hang out with a bunch of awesome students all the time (great staff too!). Mr. Daddy is also enrolled in classes at our church and he hopes to be a pastor at some point and serve in full time ministry. He is a ridiculously talented musician and worship leader. If ever I can convince him to record and go on tour, you’ll be the first to know.

I (Bethany) enjoy sewing, creating, photography, and singing. I am truly blessed to be able to stay home with my children, and enjoy teaching them about the world.

Over the past three or so years our family has slowly taken a journey to a more wholesome lifestyle. It started with diapers (with me it always goes back to the diapers). I first started using chemical free diapers, which led me to cloth diapers, later leading me to this journey of creating the most natural childhood we can give our children.

In our second pregnancy I become obsessed with the thought of baby wearing. Knowing how high energy Ballerina is, I HAD to fall in love with it. However, living on one income a $150.00 baby carrier just wasn’t in the budget. When Lady Petunia was just a few weeks old I sewed my first baby carrier, a stretchy wrap. After the success of the stretchy wrap, I moved on to a ring sling and mei tai carrier. While I had made a few burp cloths for other people, it was while I was creating those carriers that I began to dream of Jubilee Baby Company.

In the early summer of 2012 we opened Jubilee Baby Co. First on an online market place, than we opened at several local farmers markets and craft fairs. In the spring/summer of 2013, we hope to continue to expand our farmers markets with the goal of someday opening a physical store.

Check out my blog for more about our family and store!  We think you’re going to love our site!

Mombusters- It’s not judging. . . it’s fact

I am in a WAHM group where shops can post their products and people can post “ISO.” A mother posted that she was in search of a car seat cover in a certain pattern. I and several others responded to the poster, asking her to reconsider, since car seat covers are not safe. (Unless the manufacturer makes them.)
The original poster didn’t realize that these were not safe and left it at that. That is until another poster got her panties in a bunch, claiming that we were attacking and judging her.

I am becoming more and more aware of our lack of car seat safety knowledge. In fact, more often then not, car seats are not installed or being used correctly. When people point out that the seat is being misused, we are accused of “judging” them. We are asked to mind our own business and told to let the parents make the choice for their child. The thing is though, car seat safety is not a parenting style. Unlike other issues in parenting, it is not a grey issue. Actually, it is pretty black and white. Either your child is safe, or she is not.

Car seat safety is not about who is better then who. You child can be safe in an expensive seat, or a cheap seat from walmart. It is all about how you use it. If you are unknowingly, or knowingly ignoring safety instructions and recommendations, then you are putting your child in severe danger. I am tired of seeing facebook pictures of kids in unsafe car seat situations. Whether it is an after market product, winter coat, twisted straps, or a child who should be rear facing, parents need to be diligent in making sure that their child is the absolute safest.

And before you say it, just because our parents didn’t have the seats we have now, or your older children were fine, does not make it ok. Remember, we used to think smoking during pregnancy was harmless. Think of all the children who could still be living today if they had been properly secured in a seat.

In short, their are plenty of parenting issues that are “to each their own,” car seat safety is not one of them.

In the next few weeks I am going to doing a series on car seat safety. Next week we will be talking about rear facing.

Join the movement- let’s love our sister

It’s your sister, neighbor, cousin, friend.

Maybe it’s you.

It’s that dreaded day every month where she hopes for that miracle. She prays and pleads. Weeps and yells. It’s another month gone by feeling like a failure. That maybe she did something wrong, or maybe they didn’t try hard enough.

She is asked when it will be her turn. Maybe she should try eating this certain food, or doing this work out.

The doctors could be wrong.

Why not adopt?

She watches others joy. The joy of motherhood. Loving someone unconditionally. It is what she yearns for, it is what she is desperate for.

She has Infertility.

Infertility: not fertile or productive ;especially : incapable of or unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy 1

We hear the word often. Do we really know what it is? How can we wrap our arms around our sisters, support and loving them during this time?

The truth is, someone you know and love may be struggling. 1 and 8 couples are affected by infertility. 2

Infertility can be caused by many different things. Unless she volunteers the information, you don’t need to know what her (or his) diagnoses is. If she wants to share, she will. If not, love her, pray for her, be there.

Yes she does have options. Those options take time. IUI, IVF, Adoption, Surrogacy, she is aware of them.
However, all of those things take time. They take emotion. They take money. She doesn’t need you to tell her of the options, she needs you to support her through them. Unsure of what to say? Learn infertility etiquette here.

We need to create an environment where she feels safe, loved and understood.

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. Let’s join together to raise awareness for infertility. It is painful, it is emotional, it is worthy or our attention.

Let’s join together to love our sister. Listen to her, be there for her, pray for her. Remind her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.”

A bittersweet 15 weeks

This has been an interesting week. I had what I thought was an eye infection and it turned out to be a reaction to my contact solution! This left me behind on my sewing and shipping. Turns out that you need your eyes to sew and drive.

Of course I think everyone is burdened by this weeks tragedy. It’s these times and moments when you question whether bringing more children into this world is a good idea. Or how on earth can I protect my babies from the evil of this world?

The truth is, as much as I try, I can never protect my kids from everything. While I watch what the eat, how they speak, what they see, where they are I can never fully protect them. Sometimes when thinking about it anxiety takes over. I start thinking crazy thoughts about building sustainable compound and never letting them leave. But that is not reality. Reality is this world is broken. We can either let the brokenness of this world eat away at us, or we can chose to give our fears to the only one who can fix it.

I can’t control what others do. But I can teach my children to love their neighbors as themselves. It is my life goal, my calling, to raise my children to be disciples of Jesus. We must teach them that while evil seems to overwhelm, death has already been defeated.

Pray. Pray for the city of Boston. Pray for our nation. Pray for our world. Teach your children right vs. wrong.

It’s more than just a vote

I remember the nights clearly. We would wait for my mother to get out of work, being early November, the sun would already be down by the time our family left. We would climb in the car, or on particular warm days we would walk the short distance to our elementary school. People with signs would line the grass, handing out brochures, trying to sway your vote in the very last minute. After waiting in line, each parent would bring one child in with them to vote (this was long before my sister came). I remember being too short to actually see who they were voting for, but I remember the feeling of importance, as if what they were doing really mattered.

After all, it does really matter. Without saying to much about it, I must admit that I was not particularly thrilled about this year’s candidates. I feel as though we have two choices and we are forced to choose the “lesser of the two evils.” However, no matter how strongly you dislike the candidates, these are our choices. We need to choose to exercise our right to vote, even if it is just to set the example for our children.

They are watching and they are observing, just like I did with my parents. My parents made voting a priority. They showed us that their voice and opinions mattered. If we don’t teach our children how to vote, then who will?

Today I will be wearing Lady Petunia on my back; Mr. Daddy will pop Ballerina on his. As a family we will go to our local middle school and let our voice be heard.

Today’s election is extremely important. Educate yourself. Vote where you feel morally led. Bring your kids, or tell them where you are going. Let the younger generation see how important voting really is. Explain to them how the process works, who the candidates are, even tell them who you believe will make a better leader. Get excited about our great country; tell them stories about family members who served our country to give us the right to vote. Raise up this upcoming generation to know that their vote does matter, let them see how important it is.

Most importantly, vote.

Thanks for your time!