It’s more than just a vote

I remember the nights clearly. We would wait for my mother to get out of work, being early November, the sun would already be down by the time our family left. We would climb in the car, or on particular warm days we would walk the short distance to our elementary school. People with signs would line the grass, handing out brochures, trying to sway your vote in the very last minute. After waiting in line, each parent would bring one child in with them to vote (this was long before my sister came). I remember being too short to actually see who they were voting for, but I remember the feeling of importance, as if what they were doing really mattered.

After all, it does really matter. Without saying to much about it, I must admit that I was not particularly thrilled about this year’s candidates. I feel as though we have two choices and we are forced to choose the “lesser of the two evils.” However, no matter how strongly you dislike the candidates, these are our choices. We need to choose to exercise our right to vote, even if it is just to set the example for our children.

They are watching and they are observing, just like I did with my parents. My parents made voting a priority. They showed us that their voice and opinions mattered. If we don’t teach our children how to vote, then who will?

Today I will be wearing Lady Petunia on my back; Mr. Daddy will pop Ballerina on his. As a family we will go to our local middle school and let our voice be heard.

Today’s election is extremely important. Educate yourself. Vote where you feel morally led. Bring your kids, or tell them where you are going. Let the younger generation see how important voting really is. Explain to them how the process works, who the candidates are, even tell them who you believe will make a better leader. Get excited about our great country; tell them stories about family members who served our country to give us the right to vote. Raise up this upcoming generation to know that their vote does matter, let them see how important it is.

Most importantly, vote.

Thanks for your time!