Join the movement- let’s love our sister

It’s your sister, neighbor, cousin, friend.

Maybe it’s you.

It’s that dreaded day every month where she hopes for that miracle. She prays and pleads. Weeps and yells. It’s another month gone by feeling like a failure. That maybe she did something wrong, or maybe they didn’t try hard enough.

She is asked when it will be her turn. Maybe she should try eating this certain food, or doing this work out.

The doctors could be wrong.

Why not adopt?

She watches others joy. The joy of motherhood. Loving someone unconditionally. It is what she yearns for, it is what she is desperate for.

She has Infertility.

Infertility: not fertile or productive ;especially : incapable of or unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy 1

We hear the word often. Do we really know what it is? How can we wrap our arms around our sisters, support and loving them during this time?

The truth is, someone you know and love may be struggling. 1 and 8 couples are affected by infertility. 2

Infertility can be caused by many different things. Unless she volunteers the information, you don’t need to know what her (or his) diagnoses is. If she wants to share, she will. If not, love her, pray for her, be there.

Yes she does have options. Those options take time. IUI, IVF, Adoption, Surrogacy, she is aware of them.
However, all of those things take time. They take emotion. They take money. She doesn’t need you to tell her of the options, she needs you to support her through them. Unsure of what to say? Learn infertility etiquette here.

We need to create an environment where she feels safe, loved and understood.

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. Let’s join together to raise awareness for infertility. It is painful, it is emotional, it is worthy or our attention.

Let’s join together to love our sister. Listen to her, be there for her, pray for her. Remind her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.”