Meet Our Family!

I am a work at home mom to two beautiful girls, Ballerina and Lady Petunia. Ballerina is currently three years old, very high spirited, and a ball of fun. Lady Petunia just turned one. She loves to giggle and follow her sister around.

I have been married to my husband Mr.Daddy for almost five years. I am so in love with this man and the fact that he calms my craziness. (like when I throw away all of our shampoo and replace it with baking soda and vinegar). During the day he works as a press brake operator (10 brownie points if you know what that is). In the evening we both volunteer in our church’s youth department. We get to hang out with a bunch of awesome students all the time (great staff too!). Mr. Daddy is also enrolled in classes at our church and he hopes to be a pastor at some point and serve in full time ministry. He is a ridiculously talented musician and worship leader. If ever I can convince him to record and go on tour, you’ll be the first to know.

I (Bethany) enjoy sewing, creating, photography, and singing. I am truly blessed to be able to stay home with my children, and enjoy teaching them about the world.

Over the past three or so years our family has slowly taken a journey to a more wholesome lifestyle. It started with diapers (with me it always goes back to the diapers). I first started using chemical free diapers, which led me to cloth diapers, later leading me to this journey of creating the most natural childhood we can give our children.

In our second pregnancy I become obsessed with the thought of baby wearing. Knowing how high energy Ballerina is, I HAD to fall in love with it. However, living on one income a $150.00 baby carrier just wasn’t in the budget. When Lady Petunia was just a few weeks old I sewed my first baby carrier, a stretchy wrap. After the success of the stretchy wrap, I moved on to a ring sling and mei tai carrier. While I had made a few burp cloths for other people, it was while I was creating those carriers that I began to dream of Jubilee Baby Company.

In the early summer of 2012 we opened Jubilee Baby Co. First on an online market place, than we opened at several local farmers markets and craft fairs. In the spring/summer of 2013, we hope to continue to expand our farmers markets with the goal of someday opening a physical store.

Check out my blog for more about our family and store!  We think you’re going to love our site!